Why I took Digital Marketing Nano Degree Program under Udacity?

I am a typical office worker in the finance industry doing accounting tasks. It might sound boring until my work three years ago. I was in this company with a competitive environment: all results, and naturally, more overtime. I started work at 9am and, depending on the deadline, go home at 12 midnight at the latest. Added to that is the travel time that took four hours of my time each day and consumed a lot of my energy. To say that the whole experience was exhausting was just the tip of the iceberg. I experienced being burnt out. I was pressured, overwhelmed, and emotionally drained. After one year, I decided to resign and try out something new.

I started looking for other work, but it feels like I will just jump from one cycle to another if I ever go to another similar office setting again. Until one day, I saw this advertisement on online jobs. I got really interested and was awed by the amount of job openings that ranges from projects, part-time and full-time jobs on different industries including finance and marketing. I was interested to make a career online. I also discovered that working from home made me incredibly happy because I found where I am truly productive.

Why I started the Digital Marketing Nano Degree was a process. I wanted to make working from home a truly sustainable career. I wanted to learn how to market my skills and services to offer. I wanted to learn more marketing techniques to add to my skill set for more work opportunities. I looked up other webinars and projects on the internet and there are a lot of offers, but what sets Udacity’s DMND program is how it was designed so students can not only learn Digital Marketing but also gain real-world experience by running live campaigns. Students will not only be equipped with the knowledge and principles of Digital Marketing but also create hands-on projects so that by the end of the course, they will not only be confident in their skills but also primed for success.

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