How to Use Bioré Cleansing Oil

I have always known Bioré through their sunscreen collection. I love their mattifying line (the blue and white ones) and have used them ever since. Now, it is very fortunate that Bioré has come up with cleansers and cleansing oil to add to their product list. I have tried their micellar water and cleansing oil and they are just what I need. Thing is, what they have in the drug stores are in just one big size. So, I am very thankful that they gave out a sample size in the latest BDJ Rendezvous 2018. It fits nicely in my travel pouch.

Biore Cleansing Oil.jpg

When I first used the cleansing oil, I used cotton to cleanse out my makeup just like how I use it with toners and other cleansing oils. The ones in the drugstore don’t have an English translation that’s why it is great that the sample size comes with information in English so I now know how to use it properly.

How to Use Bioré Cleansing Oil:

1. Pour Bioré cleansing oil onto palm and make sure it is just the right amount.

2. Massage on the desired area to dissolve makeup. It is applicable to face, eye, lips and neck.

3. When makeup is dissolved, rinse with water.


Just like that and your makeup is gone. It is also effective on mascara and kiss-proof lipsticks. Skin is already prepared for your sleeping rituals. Just by massaging this cleansing oil with a relaxing scent, your skin not only avoided the harsh texture of the cotton but also feel pampered and refreshed.

So there, just like me, you already know the proper way to use it. Feel free to message me for other skin care topic.



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