Make Me Canmake Favorites

Last 19th of May 2018, I attended a Canmake event showcasing their make up line. Bloggers and make up artists share their secrets on how to use Canmake for different days: be it every day or on special occasions.

As a first-time user of Canmake, I surely love how it is cutely packaged. But looks are not what Canmake is all about. They have a formulation that is good for the skin, plus most of their products have sunscreen so it is extra great. Here is a list of my favorites so far.


Translucent Powder


I wanted to try the award-winning Marshmallow Powder but since this one is on the kit, might as well use it. The powder is great for finishing touches. It’s very light on the face and I use this to set my makeup. It does not dust easily and would rival my Clinique pressed mineral powder that I am currently using.

Cheek Tint


This creamy cheek tint gives you a soft flush on your skin. The shade I used is shade no. 5. It is like a dark coral in the packaging but when I applied it on my cheeks, it does not give a dark color. You can build the color by applying more of the product, so it is versatile if you want to go from day to night look.



This eyeliner is a break from the everyday brown or black hues. It Is glittery gold in color. I like to use it as a replacement for glittery eyeshadow. What I like about this is that it is very easily to apply. Just a precaution. Don’t put too much because the glitter might smudge and get all over your lids.

Glow Skin Base


This is the first product I ever tried from Canmake. I got a sample size from one of their partners, Belle de Jour, and I instantly love how a small amount can give you so much coverage. It is not matte, but it can give you a dewy finish. This is best used on not so hot days if you have oily skin. Just set it with either translucent or marshmallow powder and you’ll get showcase that beautiful Asian skin.

Shading Powder


This contouring product is something that I really fell in love with. The brush that comes with it is shaped like a line that really helps define my nose and cheeks. Use a small amount for that everyday look and you’ll surely diminish some roundness on your cheeks to give you a little bit of that chiseled look.


So there, those are my faves so far. They have a lot of products you might want to try but for me, these are my top 5. A little bit of heads up though, Canmake is a Japanese brand so it does not have many shades suitable for a morena skin in their powders and foundation line, but their eye shadow, highlighters, lipstick, and lip and check tint can do wonders for you.




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