Baroness Face Masks from IAmClaire

Last January, iamclaireph had this buy one, get one promo for selected face masks in their website. Face masks are easily used for moisturizing and instant at-home pampering. They have different effects on the skin depending on the content of the masks. I got 4 variants of Baroness face masks and here’s what I would have to say for each of them.

Red Ginseng Mask Sheet

Baroness Red Ginseng Mask Sheet


Red ginseng extracts contain properties that help revitalize the skin. It helps restore the skin’s smooth texture while making it firm and blemish-free. It renews tired-looking skin, so I use this after long episodes of overtime at work. It is an instant pampering session before presentation day at the office.


Pomegranate Mask Sheet

Baroness Pomegranate Mask Sheet


The smell of this mask instantly reminds me of wine. I’m not a big fan of the smell, but I like the anti-oxidant properties of pomegranate. It helps regenerates the cells, as well as, reduces dark spots and pigmentation of the skin making me look fresher and younger.


Coenzyme Q10 Mask Sheet

Baroness Coenzyme Q10 Mask Sheet


This one is easily my favorite. I use this overnight and my face is so smooth and glowing. Coenzyme Q10 has antioxidant, anti-aging properties that makes it a very powerful essence. It regenerates the skin, making it smooth, fresh and healthy. If I would choose just one variant from the Baroness line, this would be it.


Arbutin Mask Sheet

Baroness Arbutin Mask Sheet


Arbutin extracts are hydrating and skin-lightening agents that makes the skin fairer. It lessens the dark spots in the face and evens out the skin’s color. I like how refreshing it feels on the skin after peeling of the mask. This is perfect for the summer.

I tried only 4 variants but there are a lot to choose from. You could choose more variations like the cucumber mask, aloe vera mask, collagen mask, pearl mask, green tea mask, bee venom and snail mask. Next time, tune in for more mask adventures here.

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