I Am Positively Better with Jeunesse

Us girls know what monthly period entails – the dreaded dysmenorrhea. And if you are only feeling a slight discomfort, count yourself as one of the lucky few. I have been feeling this tremendous amount of pain since the beginning. This, alongside with nausea and on some tough times, vomiting what little I ate, has got me so physically and emotionally drained. This has troubled me always in the beginning of my monthly period.

I’ve tried a lot of things to make me comfortable during this time of the month. When I had my cervical cancer vaccine, the pain lessened at some time but still came back. It’s one of the curses for being a female that my “If I were a boy” lightbulb moment would be not having dysmenorrhea at all. Until I heard about anion napkins. First impressions: way pricey than ordinary napkins and so hard to find. Plus, I had my doubts that a mere napkin could combat this so-called female affliction. But, there are people who tried these napkins and they could swear upon it that it certainly works. Then when I saw Jeunesse in selected malls and also online, I told myself that it might be worth a try. After all, it works on some girls and there is certainly a price for comfort. After that, my too painful dysmenorrhea days are over. I admit that there is still discomfort, but the level of pain decreased exponentially. It has become bearable thanks to Jeunesse.

Jeunesse Anion Napkins Line


Currently, they are in selected department stores, drug stores, and online (Lazada, Zalora and their website). As of now, they are only shipping in the Philippines but hopefully they would ship abroad in the near future.

I can proudly say, that I am positively better with Jeunesse.



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