Estee Lauder Haul

It’s been a while guys. ‘Tis the busy season at work so I really can’t find time to post, but just so you know, I am still trying out stuff for something to write. So here it is, my make up haul at Estee Lauder.

I bought these goods January 2017 so I got a lot of time to test the products before writing my review. I was looking for a foundation during that time that does not run and does not look shiny at photos. The weather in the Philippines makes sweat-proof, shine-free foundations a must. I am also acidic so buying foundation online is not for me. I have to test the product on my skin before decision time.

Back to the haul, I came across Estee Lauder in Rustans the Beauty Source Gateway. The booth is in a corner spot but nevertheless gives off that elegant but effortless vibe – just how I like it. I tried several shades of the Double Wear Stay-In-Place Foundation but settled with the “Sand” shade. It is lighter than Filipina skin tone – perfect for acidic skin. The beauty consultant who assisted me gave me a free sample of another shade which is “Rattan,” a yellow tone foundation which is exactly my skin tone. Upon using both, I must say that “Sand” works for me from day to night while “Rattan” is fine on shorter hours. The foundation has a matte finish that satisfies my need for shine-free make up. But the most important thing is, I do not have breakouts when using this product.

Apart from the foundation, you can never go wrong with a primer of the same brand. They are formulated to go together so that means that is the best combination. The Matte Perfecting Primer is also a must-have. It is light-weight and gives off a smooth base. It readily settles on the skin so once you put primer, you can readily put make up. It completes my arsenal for a sweat-proof and shine-free base. Both primer and foundation keeps oil at bay and lasts from day to night.

Third and last on my haul is the Pure Color Envy Hi-Lustre Lipstick in 430 Sly Ingenue. It is a pink-nude classic that I love. It is my everyday lipstick since it provides color without going overboard. It also has a bit of staying power, but the most lovable thing about this is it does not leave the lips dry. The stick does not also melt easily which is great given that summer is just around the corner. We do not want to waste a good make up because of the heat.

Many of you could be intimidated by the brand. It could go a little bit pricey but I personally think that it is worth it. You could buy a lot of cheaper make ups but if it does not work for you, you’ll go buy another and that is completely a waste. I’d say, try Estee Lauder for yourself. It might change you, the way it changed me – for the better!


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