Finding the Right Planner at the BDJ Fair 2016

The annual BDJ Fair is something I always look forward to. Not only because of the 2017 planner launch but also the activities and talks during the event. It is always a fun way to learn and be inspired through the talks and booth activities, as well as, to find a planner that would better suit me for the next year.

This year, BDJ has launched so many kinds of planners. The variety is overwhelming me that I felt like it is a big decision on my part. Well, it is kind of serious knowing that it will not only become my activity partner throughout the year but also what would keep my busy schedule organized.

I remember Ms. Dar’s story, during the project Ikigai workshop, about how she started the first BDJ planner. She found it hard to find the right planner for her. I feel the same when I am browsing through the bookstore’s offerings. Those planners would work as planners but does not give you an inspiring vibe to chase for your dreams. For me, BDJ is a benchmark when it comes to planners. A planner should not only contain your daily appointments. It should be your witness to a vow of doing that activity. It should not be just a paper to write on. It should serve as an inspiration to do things because you are capable, you love doing it and it is your dream.

This year, I have chosen the leather bound planner. I love the text and I personally think that there’s something magical about it. I also really like the fact that this year, planners can be customized without additional fee.

I also purchased 3 new items this year: the 3 day book planners. It is a planner with a specified target (finances, fitness and travel). It is a great innovation because it is something relatable. For example, my sister is not a big fan of planners because she is lazy when it comes to writing but she really likes to keep track of her expenses. I gave her the BDJ Expense Daybook as a birthday gift and she has already written down some things.

Right now, I have already started filling my planners and day books. I have already started acting on my plans (day book). The planners are really interactive. I can’t wait to overcome the waves or challenges in my life and see what the next year is in store for me.


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