BDJ Perks of a Bella Coupon: Freshgear Jeans

Having the recent need to expand my wardrobe, I really needed a new pair of jeans. Using my BDJ coupon, I registered to Freshgear ( They have a variety of jeans for both men and women and they also do sell tops, bottoms and accessories. It was a really hassle free experience but take note of the following:

1. One word, Register. You cannot use your Perks of a Bella coupon if you aren’t registered. You cannot use it as a guest.
2. Know your size. Although they have a fit guide on site, remember to check first the size of your jeans on your wardrobe and determine if you needed a lesser, larger or the same size as your present jeans.
3. Go for a style that is tested and proven. Being adventurous in online shopping could go both ways. It’s either a flip or a flop. If it’s a flop, there could be so much hassle on returning or exchanging the item.
4. Expect 3-4 working day turn around. This is for Metro Manila customers. I don’t know about the provinces but it could also be the same as other online shopping sites. There’s a process to go through so be patient.

So to talk about my experience shopping on their site, I bought a pair of black non-denim pants. I like the fit. It really complements my shape. Although, I regret that I should have bought a different color because of the fabric, it is a good pair nontheless. Plus, I got a 500php discount (around $11 discount for comparison), a free belt and a free delivery so I got a great deal out of it.

If you would ask me how much I would recommend this, I’d say go for it. They have a great collection of denim jeans and they have items that has reduced prices this time. Remember what I have posted above and happy shopping.

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