The Art of Now

I attended another BDJ Rendezvous held last August 6, 2016 at SM Megamall Atrium. It is a series of talks and games empowering women to channel their creativity, passion and individuality to create a person they want to be in the future.The question, “What would you do today that your future self would thank you for?” is the looming question in the whole event. It is a very introspective question that we could all ask ourselves not just in a point in time but everyday. There are 4 talks that would probably tap one’s passion and inclination in life that would hopefully inspire us to jumpstart a life we want and deserve.

Art of Creativity
with Common Room PH’s Roma and Maan Agsalud

For those who have neglected their inner creativity for something more practical, these sisters have shared their story on how they managed to juggle everything they have on their plate to put up a business that does not only cater to their creativity but also helped other creators like them. It is a rather scary start with no savings and jumping ship to do business full time, but proved us that they can do it with their passion and team work.

Quest to Wellness
with Pretty Darn Fit’s Nikki Torres

Her insecurity when she was just 12 jumpstart her to be disciplined in eating and working out. Nikki has a very inspiring quest to wellness and encourages everyone to be mindful of their bodies not only to achieve/maintain good aesthetics but also to have a healthy body.

Brand You-Nique
with The Better Story Project’s Isa Garcia and Bea Vergara

The Better Story Project is a mentoring project for young girls. We all need guidance and support that’s why these women aim not only to tell their 15-year old selves what they need to know to avoid certain hardships in life but also impart life lessons to young girls so they could at least be saved of some troubles.

Style that Defines
with lifestyle and fashion blogger Nicole Andersson

Change for a woman does not go without a change in personal style. Nicole showed common outfits that should be wardrobe staples because they wouldn’t go wrong in any girl. Plus reminders on how to dress appropriately (right fit, right wardobe for the ocasion) but with a certain dose of individuality in terms of accessories, fabric, color and design.

All in all, these talks have only one common thing to say: that change does not appear overnight. Success is not a blink of the eye thing. It goes a certain process – usually a long, hard process that only makes success much sweeter. And to top it all up, the journey towards a new you, no matter how hard and tedious could be bearable with the help of friends, loved ones and even strangers.

I always hear the song “Man in the Mirror” during BDJ events and I can’t help but associate this song to the topic: That change should start in you. That to change is your own decision and that to change yourself now is what your future self would thank you for.

Some of the loots I got from the event..

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