Lights Out Movie Review

I’m an embarassing person to be with especially when it comes to watching horror films. I tend to hide behind furnitures or cover my eyes and ears just to keep myself from getting scared. In short, I watch these kinds of films at home. It’s okay with me not to watch those films at showing dates so that my screams and running around to hide would just be private.

So here comes my cousins who like to watch horror films and exacted that it is a must for all of us to watch the film. I reluctantly said yes and tried to cover my eyes ever since the opening trailers started. I tried to make a run for it but my cousins stopped me so here goes my review.

Overall, the movie is above expectation. Horror movies tend to be somewhat confusing and some stories are left hanging so I give a thumbs up to Lights Out since it was well thought of and all questions were answered. There are no loose ends and I have to say that there are lots of us in the movie house that screamed our heads off.

I wouldn’t want to tell the story so rest assured that there are no spoilers in this review. I’ll just have to say that it is not all about scaring viewers. There’s a story behind it that is really engaging, thus the screams. I would recommend you to watch the movie. I’ve done it and I’m still alive.

So here’s the trailer…

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