CURE Natural Aqua Gel

This is the no. 1 exfoliator in Japan and we’re about to see what this is all about!

I have tried an exfoliating gel before and that is much concentrated compared to this. Cure, on the other hand, is made of 90% water along with 10% other ingredients such as:

Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Extract
(keeps skin hydrated)
Gingko Biloba
(keeps skin hydrated, prevents freckles and age spots)
Rosemarinus Officinalis Leaf Extract (Rosemary)
(anti-inflammatory and anti bacterial, prevents acne)
(a widely used moisturizing ingredient)
(used as a thickener in Cure, used by opthalmologist for eye surgery)
Dicocodimononium Chloride Steartimonium Bromide
(reacts to old and dead skin, used commonly in conditioners)
Butylene Glycol
(color and scent free moisturizing liquid)

Sample Size from the BDJ Beauty Bootcamp

Thus, Cure is proud to be Preservative Free, Coloring Free, Mineral Oil Free, and Artificial Fragrance Free. It is like water but when rubbed on the face, it gently scrubs dead skin that causes spots, pigmentation, pimples, blackheads, dry skin, oily skin, wrinkles and dull skin. You can use it anywhere because you don’t need water for this to work. You can really see dead skin cells gently rubbed away by Cure. Clean with wipes and you are instantly exfoliated.

Clear Gel
Cure Gel when rubbed. Hope you can see the dead skin particles near the veins.

It is recommended to be used twice a week and a bottle could last 3 to 4 months. Not only that, it could be used in other body parts like the armpits, nape, inner thighs, elbow, etc. because it is so gentle. It is a great exfoliating gel and the only thing negative about this product is that the packaging has no English translation.

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