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Last June 26, 2016, Belle de Jour, held another Beauty Boot camp in Palm Grove, The Rockwell Club in Makati. It was a whole day event in which Bellas like me had all day of learning about skin care and beauty plus enjoying being pampered in various booths. I was not able to go through every booth as I was in the workshop area but I did try to squeeze it in the in-betweens.

The workshops are of one theme. They highlight good skin habits which is the main point of every skin care product and best foundation for every make up or cosmetic. It drives the point that we only have this skin that we have in our lives so taking care of it is utmost.

For only 800php, I joined 3 workshops inclusive of certificates and loot bags, plus access to the booths and pamper stations in the event. It is the greatest beauty steal so far and I’m loving it.

For the workshops, I’m going over them one-by-one plus photos of some of my loots.

Stand Out Secrets with Carmex
Featuring Nikki Duque

This is mainly about dry skin and the importance of moisturizing. Dry skin on the face is a different thing for the rest of the body. When facial skin is dry, our oil glands are working overtime so it tends to get oily in a different way. Skin on the rest of the body looks flaky because oil glands are not present specially in the corners. Moisturizing should be done to get the skin hydrated and helps the oil glands’ work easier. Lotion should also be applied in other skin areas.

Nikki suggested to do this even when the weather is so hot. We tend to stop using moisturizer and lotion when it is humid because it tends to get sticky. We shouldn’t do that but we should do an alternative. Instead of the heavy creams and moisturizers, we should use light products instead. Water based formulas could be used instead of the oil bases.

I also found out that Carmex could be used not just on the lips but also in other areas as well.

1. General moisturizer
2. For eye brow grooming
3. Used as eye gloss
4. Used to avoid dye stains in the forehead (DIY hair coloring)


Beauty Queen Glamour Achieved with Max Factor
Featuring Bobby Carlos

There is a disclaimer before the workshop started that Beauty Queen make up is far different from the every day look. This is mainly because 1.) Pageants have time limitations for make up (either imposed or it relies on the length of the advertisements), 2.) Lighting on stage comes in all directions, and 3.) HD cameras are unforgiving. Thus, pageant make up is more on thicker make up by concealing/highlighting, contouring and will give them a lesser amount of time for touch-ups. Contestants should have an impact up to all the corners of the room so great make up should really highlight their beauty and personality.

One of the greatly stressed points is over-powdering. This is really important for pageants for make up not to run down on-stage because of the heat of the lights. This would also prevent frequent re-touching. One of the things I learned is the difference between a loose powder, compact powder and pressed powder. Loose powders and pressed powders are usually for touch ups. Compact powders are more of color correcting, especially for those with high acidity. (For more information on powders, click here.)

Best Face Forward with The Body Shop
Featuring Jigs Mayuga

The Body Shop is known for their skin care and make up lines that makes us beautiful naturally. In my experience, their skin care is great and their cosmetics are for the every day, effortless, no make up look. Jigs suggested this order of skin care: cleanse, tone, serum, moisturizer, sunscreen. He shared that as a child, he has pimples that’s why he really reiterates investing in skin care.

One of the things I will remember from his workshop is the difference between toners and astringents. In the Philippines, we know astringents more than toners so we tend to skip toning just because we think of it as an astringent. Toning is an essential step in skin care because it preps the skin for the serum and moisturizer to be taken in by the skin. Astringents, on the other hand, are stronger forms of toner that in effect shrinks and constricts the skin. They have alcohol content which negatively impacts the skin by dehydrating it and strips off its natural PH balance.

So there it is, the 3 workshops of skin care and make up I attended. The following would be beauty loots and steals I have made during the event.




Mug from Wacoal
Love Your Body Club Membership
Strip Discount Coupon
Max Factor Lip Gloss in 55 Dazzling Fuchsia and Whipped Creme Foundation in 40 Light Ivory
Flawless Discount Coupon
Cure Natural Aqua Gel Sample
Browhaus Discount Coupon
The Body Shop Tea Tree Flawless BB Cream Sample
Bio Derma Sebium Line: Gel Moussant, Toner, and Pore Refiners
Celeteque Dermo Science Facial Wash
Flawless P100 Discount Coupon
Toni&Guy Moisturising Shine Spray
Olay Regenerist Miracle Boost Youth Pre-Essence and Micro-Sculpting Cream
Revia Hair Color in Hazelnut Brown
Fresh Gear P1000 Gift Voucher

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