Wattpad Wednesday: The Mafia and His Angel

Disclaimer: The stories featured here are not my own. I will try my best not to spoil future readers. This will be me gushing about the story and also a shout out of how I love reading in wattpad that I want to share to everyone the stories that I am a fan.

Story: The Mafia and His Angel
Author: HumB01
Status: Ongoing
Language: English
Weblink: https://www.wattpad.com/story/54582439-the-mafia-and-his-angel


Cold, Ruthless, Heartless, Arrogant, Killer, Unlovable

These are all the words that Russian Mafia Boss, Alessio Ivanshov goes by. He’s respected and feared by all. He can’t love or be loved. The Mafia life is all he knows until he finds a beaten up girl, hiding under his bed.

What happens when the Mafia Boss finds love? Or is he even capable of love? Can Ayla, the broken girl melt the ice and break through the walls around Alessio’s cold heart? Will their love survive?

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I posted this story as my first Wattpad Wednesday review because I recently read the update and I can’t contain myself. Expect that this story has mature content because it is related to the mafia but it is not all about blood and war. There is also romance and friendship that tones down the story.

There is always intensity when opposites attract and there is magic when two lost souls meet. Reading this story makes me smile at times and crying most of the time. It is heartbreakingly painful and sweet. I also feel hurt for the characters in the story. I currently finished chapter 42 and it really made me weep. Actually, this story makes me cry buckets every update. My only consolation would be a happy ending but it really depends on the author.

I will cut it here because I might be tempted to tell the whole story and that is not good. This story is currently ranking #1 in Romance so I’m not the only one addicted to the story. It has a good story line and flow so it is not confusing. You only have to relax, read and feel the story. Again, this is an ongoing story so I don’t want to spoil readers. To my fellow book lovers, if you haven’t read this, I would recommend to start reading this one. If you are awaiting a complete story, maybe you can make an exception? πŸ™‚ No pressure!!

So there, I hope reading the synopsis got you clicking on the app and adding this to your library. In case you are wondering, I’m not an author. I’m just an avid fan of good stories. If you have stories to share, feel free to comment. Have a great day!

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