Personality Quizzes for Some Online Fun

There are lots of personality and psychological quizzes online but I go for the less serious ones. I sometimes do this for a break from the usual and it is certainly amusing. Here’s a list of the quizzes I would like to recommend that you also take. Maybe we could compare answers and have a good laugh about it.

1. How Much Common Sense Do You Have? is a collection of quotations and quizzes that is both fun and motivational. Check out their quizzes especially their quiz about common sense.

My Result: Perfect common sense!!

You have an abundance of common sense! You ranked in the 90%th percentile, which means that you are able to answer difficult questions correctly that the average person would not be able to. You analyze problems literally, and are able to see past trickery or distractions to come to solutions more easily than normal people. You have a mind for science and math, and intricate problem solving. Well done!

2. What Is Your Psychological Age According To Your Zodiac Sign?

I don’t have any idea how this was measured but it is kind of amusing.

My Result: Your psychological age is 79

Your psychological age is 79, and your spirit flower is the lily. You are curious, bohemian, and have an inquiring mind of your own. Your motto is: β€œEverything you can imagine is real.”

3. When Will You Get Married?

Sounds childish, I know, but who cares? I still want to check this out and I know you too. It’s pretty interesting how they come up with answers.

My Result: In Ten Years.

In Ten Years.You have a decade to go before you settle down. Marriage is not a top priority right now and you want a few things to fall into place before making that kind of commitment. But when you do, you’ll be ready!

4. What Kind of Sexy Are You?

I just want to know.

My Result:

5. How Is Your Heart Actually Divided?

I took the test not knowing what to expect. OMG!

My Result: 75% Logical, 25% Passionate

Your heart is 75% logical and 25% passionate.

Logic leads you when it comes to matters of life and love. That is not to say that you are not passionate or romantic, however, rather than following impulses and acting irrationally, you like to think things through without allowing your emotions to get the best of you.

So there! I had a fun time answering quizzes and I only posted 5 of them. Some results are not really true like the common sense one. I have my days that I’m embarassed because of the lack of common sense. Some have a really good ring of truth like the Heart Division quiz. Some results are really surprises and eye-openers at the same time. If you’ve taken the quizzes, comment down your results and tell us if it is true or not or you may share what quizzes you have taken. I’ll check it out too.

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