BDJ Passion Series: Flaunt that Glow

Last May 28, I attended the BDJ Passion Series: Flaunt that Glow blogging event featuring Jergens’ Hydralucence line. Hydralucence is the brand’s term for noticeably glowing skin especially under the limelight. What better way to flaunt great looking skin than to enhance it with style and truly capture it with skillful photography?

jergens line
Jergens’ Moisturizing Lotions

There are 3 main topics discussed during the event. The first one is the introduction of Jergens’ product line. This will be detailed in this blog post. The second one is about skin and style. The third one will talk about the art of instagram. The last two topics will be found in other blog posts (to be posted next time).

The term glowing is defined in Merriam Webster’s as ‘to shine with steady light.’ In this case, a steady light means good lighting — daylight, flourescent light, etc. as the case may be. Whatever kind of light there is, a good skin would always reflect a positive image.

Here are some slides and photos from the event:

Special Tips for 24/7 Moisturization:

– Moisturize after bathing to lock in moisture.
– Bring a travel size moisturizer to moisturize hands.
– Moisturize again before bed time because when the body is resting, this is the time that the body repairs the skin. It is also the time that the skin can absorb more ingredients from what beauty product we put on.

There you have it. This is the first part of what I learned so far during the event. Next 2 topics will be posted soon.

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