Olay’s One Wash Wonder

I’d have to say that when it comes to creamy, fragrant and moisturizing bath products, Olay is an outstanding brand in its own right. And right now, it does not only aim for those three factors but also added another market fave in its products which is Whitening. Thus, when I heard of it, I can’t wait to try the new rose and milk wonder.


Press release mentioned that it is a One Wash Wonder. My first expectation upon hearing it is that it has an instant whitening effect. Upon using it, I must say that I am wrong and that one wash wonder is about something else.


Upon receiving the sample from EverydayMe, the first thing I noticed is the fragrance. It has a really pleasing scent that I kept the soap box just because it has retained the fragrance. It is a creamy floral scent that is so girly. It is on the youthful side but appeals to women of all ages. When I lathered it to my body, it is not really bubbly indicating that it is a creamy soap. It smells good and it feels luxurious bathing on milk. After the bath, I noticed that it is not really much of a whitening product. It is more about appearing whiter because it brings out the healthy glow of the skin. It provides an instant upgrade on the looks and it doesn’t have anything to do with becoming whiter.

It is truly a one wash wonder because a healthy glowing skin is much better than just white skin.

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      • That I failed. I already did sign up but for some reason there’s a missing portion that I wasn’t able to fill up so I wasn’t getting my samples. πŸ˜•
        Is this the link? Thanks! 😊

      • If you’re talking about the welcome kit, I haven’t got mine too. I got another sample by clicking a link, claim free sample. As of now, there’s none but if you go to the site everyday, you’ll know what I’m talking about..

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