Get Read All over – Branding and Growth Day Three

Day 3 task will be short as it only talks about getting a responsive theme to encompass all devices available to the reader. It should look good in the desktop, a phone and a tablet to get a good response. After all, a site that looks good is more inviting. Plus, it could contribute to the chance of getting a person read a post.

I got Sela Theme before. I think it is cute and girly. It works for me but after I wrote blog posts that are not related to girls or beauty, I looked for a theme that is neutral and apt for my different posts. Now, I have the Dyad Theme. I really like how this theme does not show my posts at the main page because it would really look overcrowded. It relies on a catchy title and an inviting featured image for a post to have more reads so it is up to me to make this work.



For only 7 months, it has undergone several transformations. Before, my home page is a welcome page. Now, the posts page is already seen when you entered the site address. I can relate this to a home renovation. Before, it is common to see the living room first. In recent times, I see that interior designers are really into open concepts. When you walk inside a home, you will see an open space which makes the whole room brighter and seem inviting. I applied this idea to my site and I get more visitors to read my posts rather than stop at the welcome page.

So I guess that’s it for Day 3. I am proud of what I have done so far but there is a room for improvement. As I have said before, this site is still a work in process so stay tuned for more changes.

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  1. I’ve changed my theme multiple times as well n now I’m finally happy with this. The setting up of widgets is what scares me a lot when thinking of changing the theme πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  2. The “widget” thing makes my eyes cross!!! So I’m joining the crowd who are trying things and hoping for the best. Your blog page looks great.

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