Set 3 Goals – Branding and Growth Day One

Now that exams are over, I have more time to explore blogging. Right now, I’ll be doing this ‘Branding and Growth’ workshop in Blogging University and I hope I’ll be able to finish it within two weeks.

I started blogging last year (2015, in case I look back) and it is quite a feat that I have a working site. I am really thankful for these easy tools in WordPress because I have limited knowledge in websites. I only knew a few html tags and that’s it. My writing skills are acceptable with wrong grammars here and there, but at least you people are able to understand what I am blabbing.

So in response to today’s task, I will share to you 3 Blogging Goals this year, though I hope it is not too late for resolutions!!

1. Write up more often and regularly

Right now, I am averaging 6 blog posts every month. I do not post regularly and the frequency is not predictable so I am thinking of setting this as my no. 1 goal. I have read in Blogging 101 that I should regularly post for something that readers would look forward to (like a theme for a day) just like Throwback Thursday. I am thinking of making a post of Wattpad reviews once a week to spread the love of a particular story. I will make my love of reading my inspiration. There are so many good stories, lots of potential writers and reading is free so I’d like to give back by featuring them here. That is my plan for now but you, peeps, could suggest something.

2. More photos

My photography skill is a work in process. I really need to practice and to take more shots as possible. Readers really like looking at the photos more rather than reading a long write-up so I guess I have to take it to the next level. I usually post at least one photo. I’d like to post more but there is only one good shot so that is what I usually post.

3. Advertise

I admit that this leaves so much to be desired. I just post and submit urls to search engines. Turns out, this is most important skill for newbie bloggers to gain readers. I admit this is kind of a big thing for me. I am working on this one step-by-step. Already started this one in social media and I’ll be exploring different methods of advertising towards the middle of the year.

I don’t want to set a goal for a particular number of likes or followers for now. I just want to build my site before I have those goals. I want to find first my blogging voice since reading my posts seem that I am too technical, and of course work on the 3 things above.

So there you have it. Fingers crossed on making my blogging goals into reality. I’ll be leaving my social media handles below. Feel free to comment yours so that I can follow you back.

Twitter: @zer0chance
Instagram: @joyciev



    • Exam results are not yet posted so I’m wishing for good results too. As for blogging, yes it can be difficult to find time to juggle everything. Hope we both have improved blogs by year-end.

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