My Top 5 Simple Interview Questions that are Difficult to Answer

   Remember your very first job interview?

Remember how an utter failure it is?

I remember mine like it was just yesterday. When I was first asked those questions, I can’t help but make up my answers. I just say what I have to say but my inner self would say a different thing, which, if said aloud wouldn’t land me a job. That was a few years back and I am my better version today. Still, I can’t help but reminisce those moments that make me want to do a face palm.

1. Tell me something about yourself

Really! Before, I was the typical introvert. Shy. Home body. School-home routine. Name it. My middle name is boring. So how was I supposed to answer this? How can I market myself with those qualities?

2. How do you see yourself 5 or 10 years from now?

Gosh! I don’t really know. I just gave typical answers like having a Master’s Degree or something.

3. Strengths and Weaknesses

So difficult! I have to tell my strengths without boasting and my weaknesses without putting you in a bad light. I swear this is a trick question.

4. How do you handle stress?

This one’s kind of easy. I eat! But maybe this one’s a trick question again.

5. Tell me about how you manage your time?

The first time I heard this, I was completely speechless but I made up something and that’s the end of it.

   I know I sound an utter failure during that time. I can’t get over that episode of my life. Thing is, I learned a lot about myself from that experience. I vowed that I would do things that I would be proud of. I want to build myself to be a better person. I want to tell something interesting about myself without making things up.

What I am really proud so far is that I never wanted to become a different person. Sure, I want to be interesting but I never wanted to be another person. I want to be my own kind of interesting. I tried workshops. I tried to take my social skills to the next level by approaching a person and not just wait to be approached. I showed a part of me that could be weird sometimes and not care what others would say. In short, I get a personality overhaul. I made myself become positive. I let myself make memories. I learned to embrace myself.

Still, I wouldn’t say I changed much. I have my days of going back to my shy, home body self but I am trying to enjoy life my style. What I am saying is that I am still me but better. I am no longer keeping quiet in the corner. I would approach a person in an event and try to strike up a conversation. But I am still comfortable even when I’m alone. I am okay with silence but I would also welcome a friend. It’s like I am finding a balance in my personality. I admit that I like this version of myself. I like to change for the better and I like to do this at my pace. No pressure.

If I would be asked today the 5 questions above, I would say a much different answer. I know more about myself. I know what I want to become. I am confident of who I am now because I changed for the better. Years before, I have failed on those interview questions but without experiencing that, I wouldn’t be what I am now.



  1. I loathe interviews due to trap questions like these. Employers have always been pleased with my work ethic, but getting hired to prove that is tough when you are naturally a quiet person. People who can waffle on and on get picked even though in my epxerience they are the biggest slackers.

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