My Bucket List in May and June 2016

The BDJ Planner offers 98 ideas to be added to your bucket list. There’s so many that it covered 2 pages. It only shows that there’s so many things to try out in 1 year or more. Perfect for those lazy times or uninspired moments to tap on your inner creativity or passion for an adventure.

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I admit that I can’t cover all 98 simply because they’re not applicable to me. I just got to tweak on others to make them suit my personality or let it remain unchanged and just accept the challenge. So upon checking, I see that I finished six of them. They’re the following:

> Do an art project.
> Explore local street food cuisine.
> Try whipping up healthy dishes in the kitchen.
> Cook a dish without following a recipe.
> Tell your parents you love them as often as you can.
> Listen to a radio play one afternoon.

So the above are pretty basic that I did those things without me knowing they’re in the list. The following are the 5 things I highlighted to do in maybe a month or two:

1. Take a ghost hunting tour.

I know a group in FB that gives a free ghost tour every weekend in Intramuros, Manila. It’s also called Intramuros Ghost Walk and you can look it up on FB events. Intramuros is also called the Walled City and it is especially popular during the Spanish occupation. It has been a witness to history and it is said that there are ghosts looming around inside its walls. The group is also giving tours in other places in the Philippines.

2. Grow an herb garden.

It’s kind of cool to have one so I’m doing this. I like the idea of growing my own basil and chili plant to add to my experimental concoctions in the kitchen. I just need to find the seedlings for this project.

3. Write your future self a letter and keep it in a safe to be opened in five to ten years.

I have a journal/diary and it’s kind of nostalgic to see what I wrote before. It would be more nice if I would write to my future self. There’s a lot that would happen in 5 to 10 years and maybe I would write to both so that I would see if we still agree on the same things. I might deviate from my future plans so it could also remind me of my plans. Moreover, it would make my future self reminisce and to go back to the things that made my future self who she is that time.

4. Spend an entire day in a library.

Here in the Philippines, it is difficult to find a library that is not inside schools and is not a library cafe. But last year, I found one and it is located in a nearby city hall. I just need to find the time to go there and spend an entire day this summer.

5. Do your research and grow your money in a mutual fund.

For now, all I could do is research. But I guess I could save up for that mutual fund or investment slowly. At least I started right?

So there’s my bucket list in the coming months. What do you think? Care to share yours?


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