Nivea Sun Protect & White Whitening Cream SPF 50

I got this as a part of my Ultimate Summer Swag. This face cream gives me immediate sun protection while moisturizing and whitening my skin. It has SPF 50 that protects skin from sunburn as well as premature ageing. It has a unique formula containing Glycyrrhiza Glabra, a whitening ingredient, that reduces pigmentation at its source.

This face cream gives me an instant whitening effect. It has SPF 50 PA++ protection system from UVB-UVA rays, great for outdoorsy girls out there.

I use this on top of my moisturizer. I don’t think this product penetrates deep in your skin. It is more on the surface acting as a barrier from the harmful rays of the sun. Even if that’s the case, my skin glows with health whenever I put this on. It is pretty useful nowadays in this sweltering heat.

For application tips, visit my previous post on SPF and PA Guide.


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