Cleaning Your Make Up Tools


   For a really hygienic make up application, the hands should not be the only thing thats clean. Make up tools should also be maintained properly. After all, these tools are also touching our face so it should always be clean all the time. I have several suggestions that are not only effective. They also cost less because we can always find them at home.

Use Shampoo

Commercial shampoo is a great cleaning agent. In a bowl of water, put a good size of shampoo and dilute. Put your brushes and sponges and remove make up particles using your hands. Clean your brushes first because like our own hair, they can be brittle once overexposed to water.

Use Mouthwash

Mouthwash serves as an antibacterial agent. Dilute a small amount of mouthwash in water. After removing make up using shampoo, repeat the procedure using diluted mouthwash this time. Rinse off thoroughly.

Dry Brushes Horizontally

The water in the brush could go to the innermost part of the brush near the handle. This can cause the brush to be brittle and will have falling hairs. Dry brushes lying in a towel let’s say overnight. No need for putting it under sunlight or drying using a hair blower. Normal drying process could take place specially during the hot days.

Just a reminder:

1. When you use cream or liquid make up, clean brushes and sponges right after you use them. If not, just clean them regularly.

2. When you use powder and other dry make up, you can clean brushes once a week.

For now, these are my tips. I’ll add if there’s anything more useful and effective. Also, feel free to add your own in the comment section below. I would be glad to know how you do your own make up tools cleaning.


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