Ace of Diamond or Diamond no Ace – Why I love this anime?


   I really like sports anime. They are very interesting and will keep you guessing. Among my favorite sports anime are Slam Dunk, Prince of Tennis, Kuroko no Basuke, Major, Haikyuu and of course Ace of Diamond. I really love the dedication they put on practice and the amount of motivation when in the game. I’m not a sporty person but I do appreciate it when I’m watching games.


   I love watching Ace of Diamond because of the Eijun Sawamura. He is gutsy, loud-mouthed and single-minded (always thinking of baseball and nothing else) like most protagonists. He reminds me of Hanamichi Sakuragi because of his misplaced confidence.


   I love the sometimes serious and sometimes funny plot. I love how the story does not revolve around a single person but the whole team instead. Sometimes different teams are also given the spotlight. There are times when Sawamura has little exposure on the episode. It only shows that this anime is not all about how the protagonist is evolving episode-by-episode. It is more than just teamwork, winning every baseball game and going to the nationals. It is about the attitude that each team and player is exhibiting in every game that determines the winner. It is how every decision they make on every pitch or at every at-bat works for them. It is how they respond to the challenges they go through every game.


   Season 1 is all about building the story’s foundations. Season 2 is all about the tournaments and actions. I think that the story just keeps getting better and better. I forgot to mention that I love the sound effects on this anime. Really keeps my blood rushing whenever the critical moment is on. The opening and ending songs are beautiful. I memorized some of them like Heroes and Sora ga Aozora de Aru Tame Ni by Glay.

How about you? Do you watch anime? What is your favorite? Let’s talk about it.


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