BDJ Rendezvous: A Woman With Vision – Feb. 20, 2016

BDJ always comes up with ways on empowering women and one is through their events like the BDJ Rendezvous. This event aims for Bellas to start their year right by aligning their dreams and goals and be a woman with a vision. How? By bringing together 4 great coaches to help us Bellas to fulfill our goals to pursue our dreams.

Taking the Lead with Omehra Sigahne


Going towards your goals does not always mean taking a step. It only means going alongside everyone at a slow pace. Omehra said that the first step should not be just a step but a leap. There is a certain boost to it because taking a leap when everyone else is walking gives you the responsibility of a leader. Leading empowers you not just to fulfill your dreams but also to empower others by showing them that the dream can be a reality.

The Challenge:

Take the leap. Do not be afraid. Dream and Do!

Harnessing your Power Within with Patricia Yulo


“Traveling Makes you Stronger.”

Patricia shared how traveling solo could help a person discover oneself. There is a certain kind of empowerment only travelling solo could give. She also shared solo travelling tips especially for women:

1. Dress appropriately – Conservative countries like those in Asia have dress codes for women. To protect ourselves from men and environment, know the appropriate clothing for that particular country or place
2. Don’t stare at the opposite sex – They might give a different meaning to your stare.
3. Avoid solo night trips – Women could be vulnerable when alone.
4. Tell your family where you are – Always update your family and friends of your whereabouts.

The Challenge:

Travel alone. Travel for self-discovery. Travel to tap into your inner strength. Travel to find your own adventure but do not compromise one’s safety.

The Challenge that Saves with Lianne Martha Laroya


We need money. That is a given at our present times. It could be our master or it could be our servant. The choice is ours. Being an accountant, I understand the financial side of things. I understand what is net worth and return on investment, but is not just understanding. It has to be applied. Cost of living is really high right now so what more in the future. 30 years from now, we could be retiring. Are we retiring with the intent of enjoying those years left or are we retiring with the problem of how are we going to cope during those years? The answer is by starting to save and invest NOW. Time is a currency that’s why we should not waste the moment.

The Challenge:

As millenials we are bound to enjoy the present. Having a career boost now is our power. We have the means to enjoy but before enjoying we should start saving. Have a #BOTD or Budget of the day. Set aside money for savings and investment first before splurging. Have the intent of retiring rich.

Winning Approach in Life with Cecilia Schrijver


Life balance is important. It is not only for work and family. It is more complex than that. It is integrating all the aspects of your life like your values and advocacy. Cecilia reminds us design our own lives, to align it to our values and purpose and to outline our success according to our life design. We could be doing one thing for a reason but is it what we want until the end. Is this your purpose in life. Cecilia gave us a little formula on life: Value Gain > Value Loss. By this we can assess if what we’re doing is giving us value as a person or are we losing value?

The Challenge:

Become an expert of your own life. Start making conscious choices. BE READY TO FAIL.

The Action Plan


All the talks only call me for one thing. Become a better person from the person you are yesterday. Do all the challenges above and it will certainly give you fruitful results. I want to be a woman with vision. It should not only be a vision but a reality. Start working for it. Start acting upon it. Plans are good but we should also make a move. Moving is better with a plan but being in the move is always better than just a plan.


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