L’oreal Paris White Perfect Line

   We crave for anything instant especially these days where we need to have everything at the snap of our fingers. However, anything instant is not always safe. There is always a bad side for everything we got at a short cut. That is why I love L’Oreal Paris’s line of gentle whitening products. It whitens in a gradual process without damaging the skin. It is not only dermatologically tested but also tested for Asian skin! Here’s a review of the line’s facial foam, toner and day cream. Hope you’ll love it.

White Perfect Purifying & Brightening Milky Foam

What L’Oreal’s experts say: That this Milky Foam is formulated using Tourmaline Gemstone (responsible for aiding the detoxification process of the human body and Vitamin CG (responsible for activating fibroblasts that produces new and healthy collagen fibers). The two ingredients are proven to counter-act with melanin synthesis. Wow! The milky foam cleans impurities like make up, excess sebum, and removes excess dead cells at skin surface.

My Experience: The texture is creamy metallic. It mostly cleans the surface and is gentle on the skin. However, it is not too gentle for the eyes. It has a scent that reminds me of colognes.

Verdict: For a cleanser, it is okay but for me who has large pores that has the high risk of deep-seated dirt, I find this lacking. The work around is to go for dual cleansing: using two products to clean the face for a much cleaner feel.

White Perfect Whitening & Moisturizing Toner

White Perfect Toner

What L’oreal’s experts say: Contains an advanced peeling agent Pro-Exfoliatine to help smoothen skin plus a combination of Melanin-Block and Vitamin C to brighten and even complexion.

My Experience: It is a gentle toner. It is a clear liquid like alcohol and water. Has a mild fragrance. Other toners irritate my eyes. This one doesn’t. It also moisturizes unlike other toners that leave the skin dry.

Verdict: I think it is the best toner so far.

White Perfect Fairness Control Moisturizing Cream

What L’oreal’s experts say: L’oreal’s Whitening Research has revealed an ultimate discovery to desaturate cells loaded with melanin. It has Melanin-Vanish that helps reduce spots and visibly brighten skin tone for a more transparent skin. It also has Tourmaline Gemstone that helps stimulate skin microcirculation for a more glowing skin. It has SPF 17 to filter UV rays to prevent darkening of skin and the appearance of brown spots.

My Experience: It is a rich cream and a little bit greasy at first. Once fully absorbed, skin looks glowing, rosy and moisturized. It makes the skin smooth and healthy. I have combination skin so I put a little amount of this day cream. Sometimes I use this at night. When I woke up and look at the mirror, I see that my face has this healthy, rosy glow. It has a mild scent.

Verdict: Use sparingly if you have oily skin. It makes your face soft and smooth. Can be used day and night.


There it is, my review for the 3 products. It is not an instant whitening but a gradual process as I have said earlier and I think it is more effective and safe this way. Instant effects would be the rosy and healthy glow of your skin. If you are not much into the color of your skin but more into its condition then this line is definitely worth your try.

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