Victoria’s Secret Coconut Passion Body Lotion

Victoria's Secret Coconut Passion

   VS Body Lotions and Mists are a force to be reckoned with. The duo (lotions and mists) would make you smell divine all day. Before, I only use their body mists until I discovered this particular beauty hack. VS body lotions are also infused with a particular scent that could be used hand in hand with the mists or they can stand as a perfume.

Coconut Passion is a concoction of the creaminess of coconut and the aroma of vanilla. It is a nourishing formula that also contains aloe for healing and soothing, oats for moisturization and oxidation, grapeseed extract which nourishes the skin’s collagen and elastin structures, Vitamin E for a youthful-looking skin and Vitamin C that treats and prevents UV-induced photodamage.

My hands after application
My hands after application

It has everything in this product and what I like the most is that I no longer need a perfume for this. It has vanilla known for its long lasting scent. When I used this, my skin feels moisturized, not to mention, I am smelling fresh all day. The scent also clings on clothes so there’s no need to reapply.

This is a recommended product along with Victoria’s Secret’s other scents. If you’re thinking of buying a mist, consider the VS lotions. It is a lotion and perfume in one. Valentine’s day is just around the corner and the VS line would certainly get you a date or make you and your partner’s day memorable.


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