Body Treats Oil Control Film

oil control film.jpg

   Oil control films are the oily face’s best friend. Excess oil makes dirt stick on the face and causes breakouts; not to mention an oily selfie! I came across this product in Watson’s and decided to try this particular brand of film. It is a blue film (just like the famous oil control film brand) and turns transparent once oil comes into contact.


-Comes in a handy and easy to use package
-Micro holes on film sheet for powerful absorption of the facial oil
-Soft and durable
-Oil absorbency is not affected once the film becomes transparent

For 99php, you’ve got 50 sheets of film. It claims that it removes the oil from deep inside pores instantly.

The verdict:

It definitely removes oil from the face (although I’m not sure if it removes deep-seated oil). Whenever I check if my make up is still on, I always use oil films to remove excess oil. Even though I don’t see a shiny face caused by oil, the film still indicate its presence so I might as well remove it. It is reasonably priced and worth your money if you have oily skin. It is worth a try!


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