Ever Bilena Lip Brush Pen


Storing is a lot easier with Ever Bilena’s lip brush pen. Looks like an eyeliner pen but when you remove the top portion and insert it the other way around, you’ll get your lip brush in an instant.

The whole lip brush pen is composed of two parts: The body of the pen and the adjustable part which contains the mechanical tip.


How to use the lip brush pen:

Separate the two parts.
Reverse the adjustable part making the mechanical tip facing the body.
Connect the 2 parts again. (Notice the mechanical pen is the one connecting the 2 parts.)
Pull down the adjustable part to reveal the brush.

Easy. Let’s admit we need lip brushes to help make our lip colors even. It’s just that it is difficult to bring because it can smudge our things. I got this at 65php from Watson’s. Not bad, right?


    • I bought this from the Ever Bilena booth in Watson’s inside the SM store. I’m from the Philippines by the way.. I’m not too sure if they have this international.

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