How BDJ shaped me…

Last Nov. 29, 2015, I went to the annual BDJ Fair in SM Mall of Asia Music Hall. It is the 7th fair and also BDJ’s 10th year so it was expected to be a big event. It really is because of all the booths of participating brands, of the event speakers and also the fun activities in store for everyone. With the swarms of people in the event from opening to closing, it was a successful one.


Seeing the BDJ timeline, I remember how I was drawn to BDJ’s wide range of planners. My first planner is the Everything is Possible Planner 2014. It was a very useful planner. However, seeing as there are no coupons in this planner unlike the BDJ and Navi Planners, I tried the BDJ Planner for 2015. I saw the difference because I have coupons to use plus I can go to the BDJ Rendezvous and other events. That was the time I really understood the perks of being a bella. It was a worthwhile experience. I can say that being a bella has changed my life.

I am an average shy girl but with each event talking about women empowerment, I tried to change myself for the better. I used to think that putting makeup is just plain vanity. BDJ made me realize that putting make up is not evil, but it helps in presenting oneself better. It boosts confidence because you know you look like a winner.

Being a bella is not just about looks. The talks I have attended during the rendezvous, beauty social and fair also talked about a bella being smart in the way she dress, in the way she handles herself in public, and in her choices in career and lifestyle. I was exposed to a community of empowered women and I am not turning back. To me, it was a challenge to become more of what I am before. I can see changes in me that I am proud of. I am so happy that I became a bella.

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